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Have your kids shown interest in Archery? Archery is as much individual as it is a family adventure. Recently we posted an article about The Importance of Youth Archery. This covered the basics of getting them started and why to start archery early. Now that you have decided that you think your kid is ready for archery, you will have to figure out what equipment to get them. The Archery staff at Coyote Creek is passionate about getting kids introduced to archery. Furthermore, our team wants to help you choose the right equipment to get them started off on the right foot. The great thing about the youth bows at Coyote Creek, is that we have something for everyone. From the time they can hold one, they can probably shoot it! Oftentimes we notice that it is not necessarily the draw weight that has been a problem for kids. It is the physical weight of the bow that can be more difficult. We often advise parents and guardians to bring their young ones in to be properly fitted by the Coyote Creek Archery Staff, this will ensure that they are properly set up from the start. We have an amazing selection of Youth Bows at our retail store in Rochester, MN. Kids love that our bows come in a wide variety of cool colors to give them some style. Below are some general tips and guidelines about a few of the bows we carry at Coyote Creek. We have included some age recommendations below, to give parents an idea of what to look for.

Coyote Creek Diamond Atomic

Diamond Atomic | Ages 4-8 | $219.99

Diamond Atomic, a small framed bow packed with tons of performance! It is available in a wide variety of colors. Both left handed and right handed models are available. With quite a bit of adjustability with draw lengths ranging from 12-24 inches, and poundages from 6-29 pounds! The great thing about this bow is it still gives the shooter accuracy, which builds confidence and makes it more fun. The bow comes fully setup and even includes arrows. One useful piece of equipment I highly recommend getting as well, would be a release (used to shoot the bow). One in particular is the Cobra Bravo release. Now, as with all bows, the Coyote Creek staff can get them fully setup and adjusted, as well as giving them a few tips/lessons to make sure that they are shooting properly.

PSE Uprising | Ages 7+ | $329.99

A highly adjustable and affordable bow for not only youth, but even the adult! PSE Uprising draw lengths ranging from 14-30 inches and draw weights from 12-70 pounds (depending on draw length). The bow comes fully packaged and includes a sight, rest, stabilizer and quiver. Basically, all you need on top of that is arrows, and a release. This is a great option for the growing youth, or the budget minded hunter. Overall this is a great choice that can grow with the individual for life. Available in black or camo, in both right and left-hand configurations. We have a bunch in stock at Coyote Creek Outdoors to get you setup and on your way to shooting.

Coyote Creek Diamond Edge Bow

Diamond Edge 320 | Ages 12+ | $399.99

Diamond is one of the most popular bows on the market today, especially for young adults. The Diamond Edge 320 has a larger frame compared to our other models. This would be more accommodating for taller individuals. This bow is insanely adjustable, with draw weights from 7-70 pounds and draw lengths from 16-31 inches. The bow comes fully furnished with a sight, stabilizer, quiver and rest. The only additional accessories needed would be arrows and a release. This bow can be adjusted continuously with the shooter for the rest of their life. Coming standard with Bowtech’s binary cam design, this bow generates tons of speed and performance no matter the setup. This is a great option for men, women, and children at an awesome price! Coyote Creek Elite Ember Bow

Elite Ember | Ages 12+ | $549.99

All new for 2020 from Elite is the Ember. Elite has been thought of as a high-end adult bow company. However, that has all changed with this new addition to their product line. This bow offers an awesome setup for the young adult or woman. This is a performance driven machine and has a ton of adjustability, with draw lengths from 15-29 inches and draw weights from 10-60 pounds. Capable of containing cable or limb stops, you can get an extremely stable and pronounced back wall depending on the feel you are looking for. The Elite Ember bows come standard with a CBE 5 pin sight and CBE quiver. In addition, the Elite offers a Whisker biscuit style rest, adjustable stabilizer and wrist sling. The bow is only available in right-handed models. Four different colors are available; blue, teal, black and camo. This is a great option for someone looking for a high-end women’s or youth bow. This bow offers amazing performance at an awesome value.

Visit Coyote Creek Outdoors to Learn More…

Once you choose your bow, the Archery experts at Coyote Creek will get you completely setup and adjusted. Keep in mind that our Archery team does offer youth archery classes. Classes will be posted online on the Coyote Calendar once the COVID-19 rules allow us to hold them. Keep in mind, that kids always shoot free in our archery range. Therefore they can get lots of practice with their new bow. If you have questions about ours bows, or if you want to try one out, please stop into our retail store at Coyote Creek Outdoors 3600 S. Broadway, Rochester MN 55906.

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