Top 3 Things to do Before Bow Hunting Season

Bow hunting            

Bow hunting season is almost here! Whether you’re planning an epic western adventure or are chasing whitetails in your own backyard, Coyote Creek is here to help you reach your goals. First, make sure you’ve got the nitty gritty details from the state HERE. Then scroll down for our top three tips to make sure you have a successful season!  


Consistent practice makes for a good hunter! We aren’t talking picking up the bow the night before, shooting 5 arrows and calling it good. Bow hunting requires good quality reps in, preferably starting the minute you read this article! It’s not only in your best interest, but also in the game your chasing. Coyote Creek Outdoors has a 40-yard indoor range that’s stays cool during these extremely hot summer days. No matter the time of year, you can shoot! If you need to make some adjustments to either your draw, poundage or just general sighting in we can get you taken care of!


Do you shoot your broad heads out of your bow? How did they fly? If you haven’t shot them, you may be surprised at the results. A bow that is not properly tuned or has the correct arrow can have some interesting broad head flight. Bring in your bow anytime to Coyote Creek and have the staff tune and shoot your broad heads to see how we can make sure your broad heads are flying perfect! I highly recommend you really take the time to make sure your form, and your bow are working in unison and take time doing this correctly. It will pay off big time when you take the shot at a once in a lifetime animal.


Its always a good idea to have your bow visually inspected for not only signs of wear, but also to make sure that your bow is operating at peak capacity and is setup for you. Maybe you have grown a little and need your draw length adjusted. The Coyote Creek Outdoors staff can get you adjusted! Not only will we inspect your bow, but we will also make you brand new strings for your bow. These strings are made in house and are backed by Coyote Creek Outdoors. We have a wide variety of colors and can make you virtually anything you can imagine! Bring your bow in today and have it checked over before season starts!   Coyote Creek Outdoors wants to make sure you are fully ready for hunting season this fall, whether that means new equipment, or just a new technique. Whatever the case may be, we can get you fitted and shooting your best. Need more tips? Check out (5 Tips for Archery Success)    

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