The Benefits of Indoor Gun Range Practice

As fall and winter approach, the chances for outdoor shooting experiences diminish. During this time, practice and preparation are the best ways to stay sharp. If you don’t already take advantage of practicing at an indoor shooting range, now is the perfect time to start. Spend this valuable time at our state-of-the-art indoor gun range in Rochester, MN. With 12 high quality lanes, Coyote Creek Outdoors is the place to be year-round! The beautiful fall weather may be tempting for outdoor practice, but there are several reasons why the serious marksman will want to consider shooting at an indoor gun range.


One of the greatest benefits of using our indoor gun range for your practice sessions is our state-of-the art facility. Our 12 lanes feature specialty sound dampening systems that significantly reduce decibel levels. Lanes are equipped with touch screen control panels and programmable rotation movement for targets.


While most indoor gun ranges only allow for the use of handguns and 22LR rifles, our range is equipped for most types of rifles, shotguns and pistols.


When it comes to outdoor shooting ranges, the weather calls the shots. One of the best parts of having access to any indoor gun range is that you can shoot year-round; even on the coldest winter days. With Coyote Creek’s indoor gun range, you can shoot all year long, all while enjoying our quality facilities. 


Coyote Creek offers a variety of affordable membership packages at our indoor gun range. If you also enjoy archery, we have packages that include access to our indoor archery range. Gun rentals are always available for shooters who want to try a new firearm. We also offer private one-on-one lessons with our qualified instructors. Currently, you can purchase an annual indoor gun range membership, and get a free Permit to Carry Class. Feel confident in your firearm control with extra shooting practice at Coyote Creek’s indoor gun range. Practicing your shooting skills will improve your strength in a number of areas, such as firearms knowledge and basic firing. This season, make use of your time wisely at our indoor gun range in Rochester, MN. For more information, contact Coyote Creek Outdoors at (507) 289-8308.

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