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Camp Chef Pellet Grills

Pellet Grills from Camp Chef

One of our favorite days of the week at Coyote Creek, is a Camp Chef one! If you are looking to make some of the most mouth watering food you have ever cooked, then look no further than a Camp Chef Pellet Grilling system. But what makes this so much better than a conventional gas or charcoal grill? In this article we want to show you the ease and simplicity that comes with using the Camp Chef system’s digitally monitored temperature gauge. In addition, using hardwood pellets is going to dramatically enhance the flavor of your food. Ease of use and functionality are truly a staple with this cooking system.

Camp Chef Temperature

What is a Camp Chef Pellet Grill?

To put it simply, this specialized grill burns hardwood pellets as a “fuel”. This creates a balance of smoke and heat to provide a myriad of flavors at a constant internal temperature. There is no need for gas or charcoal. It is simply plugged into an outlet, set your temperature and away you go. The grill automatically pumps more pellets into the system to keep it at a constant temperature. You no longer need to continuously monitor and check the temperature of your grill. Even better, you don’t need to manually feed your smoker all day either. One of the biggest differences between your conventional grill and the Camp Chef Grill is the versatility. You can go from doing day-long smokes on your favorite meats, to grilling your favorite burgers. All this is done by simply turning a dial. Know what else your conventional grill can’t do? How about switch the flavors? The Camp Chef premium pellets make that super simple. Go from oak, to hickory, to cherry, and more. The possibilities are endless and the flavor is out of this world. We have a large selection of pellets at Coyote Creek; and you can mix and match to create your own signature flavor!

Customize, Accessorize and Bake Some Pies!

Lucky for you Coyote Creek Outdoors has a wide variety of Camp Chef Pellet Grills, and tons of accessory options too. The amazing sear and griddle boxes, racks and appliances are in stock at Coyote Creek. You can add a grill cover and/or a blanket system to give you longevity to keep you cooking all season long. This is going to give you a ton of versatility to make just about everything all times of year. There are also a great amount of spices and seasonings available at Coyote Creek, and we can give you a few of our favorite recipe suggestions to enhance your cooking experience.

Easy Does It!

The Camp Chef grill is extremely easy to use. In addition, the cleanup is a breeze. You can forget about the days of messing around with charcoal, cumbersome smokers or an extremely charred grill. The Camp Chef comes standard with a patented ash clean out system.  and the pellet hopper system is super easy to change flavors on the fly. Making it easier for you to start eating that mesmerizing food. The pellet system is super-efficient and does not burn through tons of wood.

Ready for the best grilling system out there?

Are you now considering a new grill to kick off grilling season? Furthermore are you ready to bring your cooking/grilling game to the next level? Then we’ve definitely got you covered with Camp Chef at Coyote Creek. Our staff can fully assemble the grill and have it ready for you to pick-up. That way you can get straight to cooking, smoking or grilling; rather than messing with the set-up. We have fully assembled show room models in our retail store, and many of our staff members are adamant pellet grillers. Our team is happy to offer plenty of helpful advice to make it the best cooking experience possible. If you have questions or want to look at the Camp Chef pellets grills, stop into our retail store at 3600 S. Broadway, Rochester MN, 55906.  Have fun and grill on!

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