At Home Arrow Fletching with the Coyote Creek Archery Experts

Equipment Needed for Fletching Arrows


Fletching is a fun and rewarding way to keep yourself occupied, especially during the COVID-19 stay at home order. There are a lot of ways to do it; however this is how the Archery Experts at Coyote Creek Outdoors like to do it. You can pick up all of the archery supplies you need to do this at Coyote Creek Outdoors in Rochester, MN.

Equipment Needed for Arrow Fletching

  • An Arrow
  • Jig (such as the Bitzenberger Arrow Jig)
  • Glue (AAE Max Bond)
  • Wipes (AAE MAX WIPES) or Acetone
  • Fletchings (Vanes or Feathers)
  • In some cases you may need a razor blade or some sort of knife to strip off the previous fletchings


  • Wipe down the arrow shaft.
  • This can be done with the AAE max wipes, or a towel with acetone. This is to remove residue that is currently on the arrow shaft. This will also ensure a good strong bond to the shaft.

Fletching Arrows - Wipe Down



  • Place your arrow in the jig.
  • Make sure that the knob is turned into a set spot.

Fletching Arrows - Place arrow in jig



  • Place a fletching into the clamp.
  • We have a specific spot that we fletch most of our arrows at. The best spot to fletch the arrow is dependent upon facial contact with the vane.
  • Think of the vane as a rudder, the father back it is the more control and effect it has.

Fletching Arrows - Place in clamp



  • Place a small line of glue on the fletching along the entirety of the base. A little goes a long with the AAE Max Bond glue.

Fletching Arrows - Glue



  • Place the vane/clamp onto the arrow shaft, ensuring that the vane has uniform pressure throughout the length of the base.
  • If some of the glue comes out, simply wipe off the excess glue after a short time.

Fletching Arrows - Clamp


  • Leave the vane clamped and in place for 30-45 seconds. (depending on glue)


  • Slowly Remove the clamp and rotate the knob to twist the arrow to its next spot.

Fletching Arrows - Turn Knob



  • Repeat steps 2-7 above until you are complete.


  • Once you have completed the number of vanes you want to put on, look down the rear of the shaft and see how the vanes are oriented between one another.
  • You want to make sure they appear to have the same spacing.

Fletching Arrows - check your work


  • Set the fletched arrows aside and let them dry for a bit (1 hour +) to make sure they have maximum adhesion.


Fletching arrows is a great way to learn a new skill and pass some time during the current COVID-19 health crisis. We have all of the accessories and tools you need to start fletching arrows at Coyote Creek. Be sure to check out the Coyote Creek online store for a wide variety of archery and firearms, along with tons of accessories. If you have questions on fletching arrows or want to see it done stop into Coyote Creek at 3600 South Broadway in Rochester, MN.

Fletching Arrows - Time to shoot


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