Turkey Hunter Starter Kit from Coyote Creek


Spring is in the air, and we are not far from the upcoming turkey season. It’s time to dust off our gear and head into the woods. If this is your first time heading out in search of the tree top gobblers, then we can get you ready for the turkey hunt at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Now Turkey gear can be very personal, but there are a few essential items that are going to make your experience that much better. These are items that the Coyote Creek Archery Staff carries when going out, and we think you should too!


First, you need something to carry all of your stuff. Not only does it need to be portable, but it also needs to have good carrying capacity. Traditionally, when you think of “fanny packs” you think of tourists on a family vacation. However, there is nothing better than a fanny pack on a turkey hunt so that your hands are free, and you can still carry your gear. The Badlands Monster Fanny is one of the best accessories you can buy. The pack is comfortable, lightweight and features tons of storage. The large storage capacity in the rear pouch can fit a trimming saw (such as the Wicked Tree Saw), along with any other gear you bring. The easily accessible waist band pouches are the perfect size to put your calls within reach or your new Gerber knife to put that notch in your tag. The pack also features a water bladder holder and supportive frame. This pack comes in two camo options as well, that we feature in our retail store, allowing you to try them on and truly see the advantage of having one.


Camouflage clothing and gear is also super important, since turkeys are not color blind. You need to blend into your surroundings, and the badlands gear delivers just that. With muted green patterns, they are perfect for turkey hunting, as well as, early season deer hunts. Come check out the Coyote Creek badlands gear selection online and at our Rochester, MN retail store.


My favorite part, the calls.  We have a great selection of those as well at Coyote Creek. From your friction box and pot calls, to your crow and gobble calls. We have something to fit every situation. The Clear Cutter and Early Bird box calls are phenomenal sounding and the staff in store can demonstrate how to achieve the perfect sounds to get that gobbler into your lap! Not only are the calls super important, but the decoys can play a crucial part in grabbing the bird’s attention.


The new Photoform decoys from Primos Hunting, are incredibly realistic but are some of the most portable decoys on the market. The 3D printed foam has images of actual turkeys. Along with them being foam, you can roll these up and stuff them into your Badlands pack. The perfect remedy for those long walks back to your favorite spots. A dual Jake and Hen decoy set is sure to drive them wild. We carry both of these at Coyote Creek. Therefore, we can show you different applications, strategies and the true portability of each decoy.


Bowhunters and Gun Hunters alike, can benefit from a good ground blind. The Xenek Ascent, and the Primos Surround View (270) are great options. With both incorporating their own special features, there is something for everyone to appreciate. Sporting great camo patterns and tons of room, its hard to pass on these great blinds. We carry both of these models at Coyote Creek, along with chairs and a wide variety of ground blind accessories. In other words, you should stop into our retail shop to compare the Xenek Ascent and Primos Surround View to find out which blind is best for you. Recently we highlighted some of the amazing new features of the Xenek Ascent Ground Blind in one of our blog articles. 

Wild Turkey Hunting License:

One thing you can’t forget is your hunting license. You can apply for your wild turkey hunting license at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Everything you need to know about Turkey Season is online at the Minnesota DNR’s website.

Bows & Guns:

Bows and guns are our specialty! We have a huge selection of bows, firearms and accessories at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Our knowledgeable staff will always point you in the right direction. We carry a wide variety of brands, along with a great selection of used items at our Rochester retail shop. From the convenience of your own home you can always shop online at The team at Coyote Creek takes pride in our great customer service. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your hunting and shooting experience. Above all, our team of experts wants to ensure the equipment is a good fit for you. That’s why we give our Coyote Creek customers the opportunity to “try before you buy” in our Indoor Shooting Ranges. If you have questions about any of our recommendations in this article, or want to take a closer look please stop into Coyote Creek Outdoors located at 3600 S Broadway, Rochester MN.

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