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Many gun owners when asked why they own a firearm will have a variety of responses including recreational target shooting, hunting, or competitive shooting. One of the most common responses however is home and personal protection. This is also true of people who are newly interested in firearms. Americans are known for their value of self-reliance. Our nation has an amazing police force, but simply put they cannot be everywhere at once. Often the crime has taken place by the time they are able to respond. For this reason, many of us believe that having a firearm is one of the most effective tools to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those intent to do us harm.


Buying a gun is only a small step in the process of having a firearm for self-defense. One must do research as to what type or types of firearm will be best suited for their use. Some things worth considering when choosing a firearm would be:
  • Will this only be a home gun, or will it be a carry gun as well?
  • What are the laws for self-defense in your state?
  • What is the layout of their home?
  • Are there other occupants of the home, and who else in the home could be able to handle the gun. One should have a plan for what to do in case of a home invasion.


It is extremely important to seek out proper training and get regular range practice. Coyote Creek Outdoors has a state-of-the-art indoor gun range that can help you be prepared for any situation. Too often people neglect these steps and simply get the gun and put it in the closet or under the bed not truly being prepared for a life or death situation. Perhaps the scariest thing of all is how few of us are prepared for what happens after we are forced to use a firearm to defend our lives. What is going to happen in the aftermath? Once 911 has been called and the police arrive what will happen for you? In most situations if you’ve used your firearm, even if completely justified, you will most likely be arrested and brought in for questioning. It is not up to law-enforcement, the DA and prosecutor will have to decide if there is reason to press charges. If yes, you will have to remain in jail until a judge can set bail, which you will have to pay to get out. Then it’s up to the courts and jury to decide your fate.  Who do you call? How do you pay? Where do you get a defense attorney? Legal expenses alone, even if you are found innocent would bankrupt many people. And often more expensive is the risk of a civil lawsuit, which can get tied up in court for a long period of time and lead to high dollar settlements.


This is where the USCCA comes to the rescue. USCCA stands for United States Concealed Carry Association. They are a membership organization that provides education, training, and most importantly legal and financial protection for law abiding gun owners. More than 300,000 people hold membership nationwide. They call themselves a community of like-minded, responsibly armed Americans. Located in West Bend Wisconsin, they provide nationwide legal assistance to members both in their homes and where they are legally carrying in public.

How Does USCCA Work?

Think of it like car liability insurance but for yourself. If you find yourself having been in a defensive situation all you need do is call the 24-hour number on the back of your membership card and they take care of the rest. The Self-Defense SHIELD Critical Response Team will spring to your aid. They will locate and pay for a qualified defense attorney in your area. In addition, USCCA will get you bailed out of jail and back to your family as quickly as possible.

Membership Options

There are three levels of membership a person can choose from. Dues can be paid monthly or annually, and benefits begin instantly upon signing up. Each membership level also includes a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine, weekly online training videos, digital library connecting you to video guides and eBooks, discounts on USCCA training and gear. Platinum and Elite members get an exclusive Welcome package in a USCCA .30 cal. ammo can with hat, patch, knife, and USB with hours of training inside.
  • Gold membership is the base level and starts at $22 per month. This level of membership provides up to $100,000 dollars in legal defense insurance, and up to $500,000 in civil defense coverage. This can also cover lost wages and other expenses. The civil coverage will also be applied to any settlement as well as legal expenses.
  • The most popular membership level is the Platinum at $30/mo. or $347/yr. Platinum membership provides $150,000 in legal defense, and 1,000,000 in civil coverage.
  • The top line Elite plan provides $250,000 for legal expenses, and $2,000,000 coverage for civil suits.
  • There are discounts for Military and Law Enforcement.

Self-Defense Shield

Self-Defense Shield coverage protects you while carrying in public, and in your home as well. Inside the home coverage applies to your spouse at no extra charge. If your spouse also carries, they can join the USCCA at a fraction of the cost. It is not just firearms defensive use either, Shield coverage applies to any weapon of opportunity used in self-defense. You are covered nationwide as long as you are abiding by the laws set forth in that location. If you have valid permit reciprocity in that state or are defending a domicile that may apply as your home in that state such as a camper, motor-home, or hotel room.

Member Benefits via the USCCA App

Not sure about permit reciprocity or state laws while you are traveling? There’s an app for that! Members may download the app and program in their valid permits for instant access to info on state reciprocity applicable to them. The app will provide info on state law changes as you travel. The interactive map will also help locate gun ranges in the area. It will even send reminders when your permits near their renewal date. Account information and membership renewal can be managed through the app. This also syncs to the online magazine and news feed.

Training with USCCA at Coyote Creek

The United States Conceal Carry Association is one of the most widely known and recognized training institutions in the United States. Permit to Carry certification and renewal courses at Coyote Creek Outdoors are offered using the USCCA Curriculum and Certified Instructors. People both new and experienced will gain from the education they will receive in our class. The class format is top tier and provides information on many of the following topics:
  • Legal use of firearms in and outside the home.
  • Tactics to help you avoid a situation and the skills to win a fight if it is the only option.
  • Minnesota specific laws on self-defense and carry.
The certificate of completion from this course is what you will need to submit with your Permit to Carry application in Minnesota. The Minnesota Permit to Carry certification is recognized in 27 states. However, adding the non-resident Florida permit the reciprocity number jumps to 33! The course at Coyote Creek will also enable you to apply in the state of Florida for the non-resident carry permit. Permit to Carry Courses are offered weekly at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Be sure to check out the Coyote Calendar for our upcoming class and register online.

Joining USCCA at Coyote Creek

Coyote Creek Outdoors is a USCCA partner which allows our customers the convenience of signing up in our store and receiving their Platinum or Elite gift package upon registering. Your coverage with USCCA begins instantly! Every membership is completely risk-free. If you decide to back out any time in the first year you can do so with their 100% money-back guarantee. Stop into our Rochester, MN shop located at 3600 South Broadway to sign up today to gain the peace of mind that you have the protection you need.

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