Traveling with a Firearm

With the holidays upon us, there is a good amount of travel being done. Traveling with a firearm can be stressful if you are not familiar with the laws or have the proper gear. Here are some tips from Coyote Creek for traveling with your firearms.

What Laws Do I Need to Follow?

You must abide by the laws of the states you are going to be traveling through.  Do you have your Minnesota Permit to Carry? Does the state your passing through have reciprocity with Minnesota?  Be sure to check at If you do not currently have your Permit to Carry, you can sign up for the class at Coyote Creek. Upcoming dates are available on our Coyote Calendar.

Traveling with Ammunition

If you’re not carrying a firearm for personal defense, we suggest you keep the ammunition separate from the firearm. The firearm should be unloaded and in it’s case. This should not be accessible from the passenger compartment of a vehicle. This is in compliance with 18 U.S. Code § 926A.Interstate transportation of firearms.

Flying with a Firearm

For flying with a firearm, there are special rules put forward by TSA that must be followed. Guns must be in lockable cases, with locks in place. We definitely have you covered at Coyote Creek Outdoors; with TSA approved long gun cases and lockable pistol cases. For handguns we recommend any one of the mini or micro vaults available in our webstore. There are a number of locking options available depending on preference and budget. Long guns must be locked up when you are traveling. We recommend something with rigid sides and enough foam on the inside to firmly hold a rifle in place, especially if it has an optic on it. Unfortunately the folks unloading your luggage will not place as much value on the contents of the case as you do. We’ve had good luck with Plano and Pelican cases. Some travelers will actually remove their optic. If you choose to go this route, you should definitely pack a few extra rounds to sight in your firearm when you get to your destination. While this can be a hassle, it’s better than missing the trophy of a lifetime! If you have any questions about traveling with firearms you can always stop in at Coyote Creek Outdoors to speak with our experts.

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