Tightspot Rise Quivers

Tightspot Rise Quivers

Holding a place near and dear to your bow is Tightspot quivers. “The quiver that fits tight to your bow”.  Tightspot Quivers are jam-packed with features, and they look great too. They are offered in a variety of your favorite camouflage patterns, as well as solids. Not all quivers are created equal, and it shows with the features and innovation they have packed into this package.

Quiver & Mount Features

First let’s look at the quiver and mount features. The mounting capabilities will set this apart from most conventional quivers. This allows the archer to place the quiver closer to the riser of the bow. This reduces torque and almost acts like a stabilizer. This is thanks to their mounting bracket that allows adjustments, in-out, up-down, left-right. Attaching and removing the quiver is also very simple thanks to their locking design. Simply lift the tab and remove, EASY!

Perks You Will Love!

Not only is the Tightspot Quiver adjustable, easy to move, and is great for balancing your bow. It also does what a quiver needs to do – it HOLDS YOUR ARROWS. This quiver can handle large arrows and can easily be adjusted to hold small, micro diameter arrows too. With an arrow wedge feature that is adjustable for tension, you can form fit to your arrows. These quivers are also quiet and durable. The Tightspot Quiver’s adjustable spacing options work really well for longer arrows. It’s also made out of high-quality carbon rods for the main structure.  A new feature that is unique to this model versus other tight spot models, is the ability to hang your quiver on a branch with the new attachment on the hood. If you’re like me, I remove my quiver when tree stand hunting, this is a key advantage! If you have questions or want to try a Tightspot quiver out, stop in at Coyote Creek Outdoors! They are universal and fit nearly every bow model.

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