PSE Bow Madness Unleashed

PSE Bow Madness Unleashed

Everyone wants the best bang for there buck, and PSE delivers that to you with the Bow Madness Unleashed. Coming in at $599, this thing shoots like a bow that can cost hundreds of dollars more. Not only is it a great value, this bow was made to hunt and is a fantastic shooting platform. Here are a few specs on it to show you why.
  • 32 3/8” Axle to Axle – 340 FPS – 60, 70 lb max – 25” – 30.5” draw – 6” Brace

Great Bow for Men, Women & Young Adults

With its shorter axle to axle, this bow is the whitetail hunters dream. The ability to maneuver this bow around in tighter areas is a huge advantage in the treestand or in the blind. Just because it is shorter, doesn’t mean this bow can’t shoot long range. Thanks to it having a longer riser design it is also incredibly stable. Featuring a slim grip design, this eliminates un-wanted torque and provides a comfortable and repeatable position for all shooters. The bow also can be adjusted to fit a plethora of draw lengths as well as weights thanks to gracious limb bolts and the 3B cam system. Making this a great bow for men, women, and young adults. The cam system is smooth and offers a great back wall that dumps into 85% let off (75% and 80% can be ordered). The cam system is adjustable in ½” increments, providing you with the perfect fit.

Coyote Creek Pro-Staff Review

The bows fit, and finish is spot on. The bow has a great look to it and has plenty of mounting holes to fit all sorts of accessories. With shock rods on the riser, and dampeners in the limbs, this bow is not only fast, but quiet as well. I set the bow up at 63 lbs and a 29.5 inch draw, to give you a idea on the draw cycle as well as the speeds. For shots through the chrono, I was getting speeds from 278-280 FPS. The draw was smooth throughout and dumps into its gracious let off. Holds really nice on target and has very little vibration at the shot. Overall this bow is a steal for $599… PSE has put out a lot of great bows and this one is no exception! We have also built packages for these bows, offering you a fully setup bow for a great price as well. Stop in at Coyote Creek Outdoors and try out one of these sweet shooting mid-line bows from PSE and see the difference!

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