Prime Black Series 2020

Prime Black Series

New for 2020 are the brand new Prime “Black” Series of bows. For those unfamiliar with Prime Archery, they are born through G5 outdoors, makers of some of the best broadheads and archery accessories on the market. With patented cam systems and unparalleled bow designs they are fine shooting machines. The bows are offered in a ton of color options as well including a few new hunting and target color options that look awesome. Here is a few specs on the 2020 line of bows.
  • Black 1: 31 inch ATA – 333 FPS – 25.5/31 inch draw – 40 to 80 lb limbs (10lb inc.)– 7 inch brace height
  • Black 3: 33 inch ATA – 337 FPS – 25.5/31 inch draw – 40 to 80 lb limbs (10lb inc.) – 6.5 inch brace height
  • Black 5: 35 inch ATA – 342 FPS – 25.5/31 inch draw – 40 to 80 lb limbs (10lb inc.) – 6 inch brace height
  • Black 9: 39 inch ATA – 325 FPS – 27.5/33 inch draw – 40 to 80 lb limbs (10lb inc.) – 7 inch brace height

What is new for 2020?

Let’s get right to it, what you really want to hear. What is new this year? First off you will notice the brand-new cam design. It’s actually a modular dual cam design. Something that is not seen in any other bows. The reason behind this is simple, Zero Cam Lean. Often associated with other bows, yoke tuning is a necessity in order to gain the correct nock travel as the arrow leaves the bow. Not the case with these. Because the bows string is split and balanced over both the cams it allows the string to travel along a straighter axis while providing a smooth draw and creating higher energy.

Rotating Modular System

Now you’re probably thinking that prime has had this for a while now. Yes, they have. What they haven’t had is a rotating modular system. The “Roto Cam” allows more archers to try the bows on demand. This a huge step in the right direction, not only does it allow the long-armed archer to shoot a shorter axle to axle bow, but it also allows a shorter draw to shoot a high-performance bow. No more cam swapping to get a 27 inch guy into the same bow as a 30 inch. With the ability to micro tune your draw length, due to the infinite amount of cable stop adjustments, the perfect fit can be achieved. Not only that but they have widened the upper limb pocket, to allow cam shimming to make this a super tune-able bow.

Advanced Technology

The bow itself physically is still made of the strong 82x aluminum riser. While the riser may look the same at first, the riser has been face lifted and sports some new aggressive cuts in order to reduce the weight of the bow and add in stiffness in the riser. The Swerve riser is still implemented into the bow to increase the strength.  This will also sync the bottom and top cams together, making you much more accurate. The grip is located at the center of the riser and offers Centergy Technology. When drawn the bow just sits, completely dead and has very little pin float. It has great balance and allows me to concentrate on aiming without having to fight the bow to keep myself on target. Playing off of the successful Flexis AR cable guard system, they have implemented this as well into their new line of bows. Which is huge because you can tune nearly any arrow to the bow and makes broadhead tuning a breeze. With a simple turn of an allen head you can place or remove torque to the cables in order to gain the best flight possible.

Coyote Creek Pro-Staff Review

First Impressions

The looks and finish of the prime bows are awesome. They offer a wide variety of options and colors. There truly is something for everyone. The new Grizzly Brown is actually a personal favorite.

The Test

For this test I set up a Prime Black 5 at 29.5 inches and 63.5 lbs and took a few shots. The draw cycle is smooth with a gradual dump into the valley. Followed by a solid back-wall thanks to their great cable stops. Tuning wise I took a standard hunting arrow, 435 grains and was able to set my center shot. Within 4 arrows was shooting bullets. Pretty awesome that it can do that without having to make hardly any adjustments. The shot was great, no vibration and you can tell it carries some speed when going down range. After a few shots through the chronograph at 29.5 inches and 63.5 lbs. with a 435-grain arrow, we got speeds 280-281 fps. Plenty fast and efficient for a hunting bow.

Come Try It Out!

Long story short, these bows are definitely worth checking out. We have a great selection at Coyote Creek. If you have any questions on the new Prime Archery bows or want to try one out, stop in or give us a call. There will also be a video posted on our Facebook page for a hands-on review!

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