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This Minnesota Firearms course will qualify you to apply for your Minnesota Permit to Carry a handgun. Our certified firearm instructor will provide you with basic firearm safety rules and procedures, different types of handguns and ammunition, legal and practical aspects of acquiring, carrying, and using a firearm for self-protection, basics of handgun marksmanship, and live-fire shooting exercises in our indoor gun range. This class also fulfills the training requirements for Florida permits.

Coyote Creek offers Permit to Carry classes weekly. Check out the Coyote Calendar for upcoming classes that you can register for online. Permit to Carry classes are limited to 16 people and fill quickly. If possible, students should print out this Permit to Carry Class Waiver and bring it with them to class. 

If you already have your Permit to Carry and are looking for additional training opportunities; our facility offers a wide variety of classes, promotions, memberships, shooting leagues and personalized instruction

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