Upcoming Permit to Carry Classes and Finding Your Firearm with Our New and Used Guns for Sale in Rochester, MN

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of our current Permit to Carry courses with our certified firearms instructors. Permit to Carry classes are offered weekly at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery.  Registration for our Permit to Carry classes is currently open, and we’re accepting class members for immediate classes or classes later the summer. If you’re looking to improve your gun safety knowledge and become qualified for a Permit to Carry application, summer courses at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery are a perfect option for you. For those looking to gain a Permit to Carry along with a new weapon to compliment the license, Coyote Creek also offers a wide range of new and used hand guns for sale in Rochester, MN.

Permit to Carry courses with Coyote Creek’s experienced instructors will cover the basics of Minnesota Firearms regulations, including safety information, state rules, and weapons procedures. Classes take place in our training center with our fully equipped classrooms and state-of-the-art indoor shooting range.

Benefits of a Permit to Carry

With Coyote Creek’s Permit to Carry classes, you’ll gain the following:

  • Basics of overall firearm safety
  • Important information about Minnesota firearm laws and safety regulations
  • A comprehensive understanding of handguns and weapons that are regulated under the Permit to Carry laws
  • Improved shooting skills including marksmanship, self-protection, and understanding changes in range and conditions
  • Opportunity to practice live-fire shooting with supervised exercises in our indoor shooting range
  • The necessary qualifications to apply for a Permit to Carry license in the states of Minnesota and Florida.

For those already owning a Permit to Carry license, or for our course graduates, Coyote Creek offers an extensive variety of handguns in our new and used firearms inventory.

Whether you’re looking to renew your license, or are a first timer, the Permit to Carry classes at Coyote Creek are a reliable and comprehensive way to qualify for a permit application. Check out class details and register online today.

For more information about our firearm classes and our new and used guns for sale in Rochester, MN, contact Coyote Creek Gun & Archery at (507) 289-8308, or come see us in person.

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