Get Ready for Any Wilderness Adventure and Find All You Need for DNR Licenses, Registrations, and Outdoor Gear in Rochester, MN

Summer is well underway, and it’s the time of year when you want to be prepared for all outdoor adventures. That means it’s a great time to stock up on gear and renew DNR licenses and registrations. Last minute paperwork is tedious, and a lack of supplies can throw a wrench into any kind of expedition, whether you’re taking your kids hunting or going on a solo fishing trip. Coyote Creek Gun & Archery all you need when it comes to summer, fall, winter, and spring adventuring. You can count on us to provide everything from DNR licenses, outdoor vehicle registrations, and complete inventory of outdoor gear in Rochester, MN.


Hunting, fishing, and exploring should be simple and freeing experiences, but they do require the navigation of DNR red tape. Fortunately, Coyote Creek makes this easy! We’re an authorized agent for all Minnesota DNR licenses and registrations, and we have all these certificates available for purchase at our store location for both residents and non-residents.


Hunting and Fishing


To hunt and fish in Minnesota, you need permits and licenses galore. Coyote Creek offers the purchase of hunting licenses and fishing licenses. Our staff is happy to help you decide which of these licensing options is right for you. We also provide applications for year-round lotteries, harvest registration, and game registration options. With a wide range of new and used guns, archery supplies, and outdoor gear available at our location, Coyote Creek is the best place to shop with easy access to DNR applications, registration forms, and licenses available for all hunting and fishing seasons.  




Traveling cross-country in Minnesota can be a trial any time of the year without the right transportation. Snow, mud, water, and more can block your outdoor expeditions, and the power of a motor vehicle often makes all the difference. Get your snowmobiles, ATVs, ORVs, OHMs, and boats registered with the DNR at Coyote Creek or renew your current licenses. We also provide access to trail stickers and ski passes for a year-long guarantee of a great outdoor experience.


…all the rest!


Aside from all the basic necessities of hunting, fishing, and transportation the DNR regulates with lots of fun paperwork, Coyote Creek offers additional forms for important certificates that can make or break even the best outdoor adventure. We provide easy access to safety certificates with in-house training courses on firearm safety regulations. Our courses are offered throughout each month for adult and youth students.


Having a great outdoor experience while being safe and meeting DNR requirements is easy with Coyote Creek Gun & Archery. Contact us today at (507) 289-8308 for more information about our licensing and registration options, or visit our store and explore our guns, archery equipment, and outdoor gear in Rochester, MN.




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