Prime Black Series 2020

December 10, 2019

Prime Black Series New for 2020 are the brand new Prime “Black” Series of bows. For those unfamiliar with Prime Archery, they are born through G5 outdoors, makers of some of the best broadheads and archery accessories on the market. With patented cam systems and unparalleled bow designs they are fine shooting machines. The bows […]

Recommendations for Every Day Carry

EDC What is EDC? EDC stands for Every Day Carry. These are the items you wouldn’t leave home without. Items you use on a day to day basis. Or items you may conceivably need to get yourself out of a jam. But EDC is more than just what’s in your pockets. It’s a mindset of […]

Traveling with a Firearm

December 6, 2019

With the holidays upon us, there is a good amount of travel being done. Traveling with a firearm can be stressful if you are not familiar with the laws or have the proper gear. Here are some tips from Coyote Creek for traveling with your firearms. What Laws Do I Need to Follow? You must […]

Archery Reviews – BowTech Revolt & Revolt-X

November 27, 2019

New year, New bow, New technology! Brand new for 2020 is the BowTech Revolt and Revolt-X, a new twist on the ever-popular realm series of bows. A long-standing company in the archery industry, BowTech has been offering state of the art technology and are always seemingly reinventing the wheel on their bows. That is no […]

The Importance of Youth Archery

November 20, 2019

The sport of archery and hunting would cease to exist if we didn’t introduce it to young people. Archery is a fun activity that allows for both physical and mental development. Whether in a class setting, or just on an individual basis, it allows them to set goals and work towards achieving them. Teaching someone […]

How Much Ammunition Should You Carry Daily?

October 21, 2019

How many rounds of ammunition do you feel comfortable carrying on a daily basis? With smaller guns being geared towards permit to carry holders for everyday carry, we have to wonder where that Goldilocks ratio is. To answer that, there are several different factors to consider. What Firearm Do You Intend To Carry? SMALL FIREARMS […]

Entrance and Exit Strategies for Hunting Spots

October 16, 2019

Getting into your favorite hunting spot sounds like a very simple task; however your approach to the honey hole can actually make or break your hunting trip. Small modifications in your approach will make a world of difference. Would you rather come home empty handed or come home with a notched tag? Selecting Your Hunting […]

Upgrading Your Archery Ammo

October 8, 2019

There is no question that when it comes down to choosing the right arrow, the task can be a little daunting. There are hundreds of different arrow models, spines, diameters, straightness and so on. So, how does an archer choose the right arrow for their specific situation? Here are a couple factors that we look at […]

Southeast Minnesota’s Premier Archery Pro-Shop

September 27, 2019

Coyote Creek is SE Minnesota’s Premiere Archery Pro-Shop located in Rochester, MN. We take pride in our extensive archery knowledge and have a professional staff. Coyote Creek offers a wide-variety of archery products in a true Pro-Shop setting. Our Archery team provides professional advice, service for bows and everything archery related. Large Selection of Archery […]

The Benefits of Indoor Gun Range Practice

September 26, 2019

As fall and winter approach, the chances for outdoor shooting experiences diminish. During this time, practice and preparation are the best ways to stay sharp. If you don’t already take advantage of practicing at an indoor shooting range, now is the perfect time to start. Spend this valuable time at our state-of-the-art indoor gun range […]

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