Sight, Sound, and Smell: Advanced Technical Components of the Coyote Creek Indoor Gun Range in Rochester, MN

Whether you shoot for sport, hunt for food, or use firearms in your career, practicing your skill and gaining experience is a critical part of how you spend your time using and studying weapons. While outdoor shooting experiences are valuable, practicing on an indoor gun range with quality systems and utilities can’t be matched. Not only are indoor ranges available year-round no matter the weather, they offer access to a variety of ammo, difficulty levels, and firearm testing that most outdoor spots can’t provide. Coyote Creek Gun & Archery has everything you need from an indoor gun range in Rochester, MN. From top to bottom and end to end, our indoor gun range features state-of-the-art technology for the best shooting experience you can get.

At Coyote Creek, we don’t believe in compromising quality for anything, including our inventory, outdoor gear, services, or indoor gun range. Equipped with advanced systems and constructed to meet even the strictest shooters out there, our rifle and handgun-friendly indoor range meets expectations for a sensory shooting experience and affordable prices with great membership packages.

 Sight: When it comes to shooting practice, visibility and target systems are the most important things a quality gun range can provide. Coyote Creek’s indoor gun range has twelve bays with user-friendly touch screen controls, rotating target systems, and programmable target movement that offers enhanced shooting scenarios. Our premium lanes have Mancom target retrieval for multiple virtual shooting conditions. Both clear and black ballistic dividers separate lanes for individualized range experiences. Unadulterated base lighting systems illuminate targets in each lane for a clear line of sight without distraction, and guests can observe shooting through bullet-resistant glass in our viewing area.

 Sound: Severe sounds can be a real problem when firearms are brought indoors. We’ve worked to reduce noise and protect our customers with advanced sound-proofing and percussion deadening materials. Behind each lane, walls are padded with specialized anechoic dampening cushions, and our range is fitted to lower dB levels overall.

 Smell: When shooting outside, it’s easy to forget how the acrid smell of gunpowder, black powder, propellant, and more clings to the air—not to mention additional particulates that linger like smoke. Indoors, however, this can quickly become a problem without the right air ventilation and filtration systems. The Coyote Creek gun range has medical-grade HEPA filtration systems with air turnover every 60 seconds. This ensures that the air in our indoor range is both clean to breathe and uncontaminated for the optimal shooting experience.

When you want the best shooting experience with all-access equipment and prime sensory engagement, look no further than Coyote Creek for a quality indoor gun range in Rochester, MN. Contact us at (507) 289-8308 or visit our store on South Broadway for more information.


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