The Importance of Youth Archery

The sport of archery and hunting would cease to exist if we didn’t introduce it to young people. Archery is a fun activity that allows for both physical and mental development. Whether in a class setting, or just on an individual basis, it allows them to set goals and work towards achieving them. Teaching someone safety, along with proper setup and use of equipment is a great starting point.

Stay on Target with Encouragement

Generally, the main objective is to shoot as accurately as possible. However, that’s not necessarily the end all for archery. Having fun and growing a solid foundation is going to strengthen your shooting. This allows you to enjoy the experience so much more. Odds are, you are not going to hit the bullseye every time, even pro shooters do not achieve that. Praising a beginning shooter for performing solid shots, will grow their enthusiasm. This will increase the chances that they would want to do it again.

Stay on Target with the Right Equipment

While getting the bow sighted in is important, our team likes to make sure that it’s not always the main focus. Just shooting arrows is a great way to get them on their way to success. Getting the bow properly setup and functioning will add to the experience. We at Coyote Creek Outdoors pride ourselves on providing unprecedented knowledge and equipment to make sure that the experiences you have, are great ones. Bring the young ones in, we have a great selection of youth bows, and offer archery classes to those just starting out.

KidKicking Bear Youth Archery Instructions Always Shoot Free at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery

Kids always shoot free at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery in our indoor archery range. Coyote Creek also has leagues, lessons and classes to help get started. A fun event to look forward to would also be our Kicking Bear Adventure Day event that we hold annually in February. This event is put on with the Kicking Bear organization that offers events all over the country to give youth the opportunity to learn more about archery and outdoor activities. Be sure to check out our Black Friday and Christmas Sales this year for excellent pricing on youth bows -the lowest prices of the season!  

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