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What is EDC? EDC stands for Every Day Carry. These are the items you wouldn’t leave home without. Items you use on a day to day basis. Or items you may conceivably need to get yourself out of a jam. But EDC is more than just what’s in your pockets. It’s a mindset of preparedness and self reliance.  These items you carry allow you to be confident that you can handle yourself in a variety of situations. Your city EDC may be different than your outdoors EDC. Your work day EDC different from your home or travel. But certain equipment in different variations stand throughout.

Your Wallet

Typically no matter the situation you have your wallet or some way to carry important documents. These may include identifications such as Driver’s License, Permit to Carry, work IDs, etc. Also carried here are often monetary sources like a bank card or credit cards. Carrying some amount of cash may be prudent as well in case electronic payment options are down.

Key Chain

The next most common thing most everyone carries are keys. Home keys, car keys, work keys, these are our source to access. However in our increasingly digital world, physical keys are decreasing. On the market today there are several different options for small multi tools that are shaped like a credit card for wallet carry, or tools in key chain form. There are also defensive tools that can be added to your key chain.

Cell Phone

In today’s world the cellular phone has also become a staple of every day carry. It is our lifeline. Our source of communication. Our map, compass, and GPS. A link to the never ending stream of information that is the internet. It can be a valuable tool for getting emergency assistance. It can be our flashlight in the dark. Help us find our way if we are lost. All that said it is an electronic device, subject to dead batteries or loss of signal. A charging cord is a good thing to have along or a battery charge pack.


Probably the most essential tool for EDC is a good quality knife. Depending on your needs this may be anywhere from a small pocket knife to a pocket multi-tool, or in a more rural environment a fixed blade capable of light bush craft. A knife can save your life in more ways than one. It can be a defensive tool against man or beast. It can be used to clean fish and game. You can fabricate other tools or weapons with it. A knife can help you build shelter, or fire. It can be a medical tool. A knife may be the best all around tool you can have. Make sure that you check your states laws pertaining to carrying edged tools.


Flashlights allow us to bring light to the darkness. This accessory is an essential at night, but also a boon in the daytime as we may find ourselves in a dark building, or needing to see into a shadowed area. Whether we are looking for our dropped keys in a dark parking lot or shining it at an attacker, a good bright, reliable flashlight is a necessity. For durability and brightness a light with a LED bulb is best. Also lithium batteries have a longer shelf life and are less effected by cold temperatures.


To many of us who take responsibility for our own safety EDC means carrying our firearm. All 50 states have some form of carry law that allows citizens to carry a handgun in public either by way of a carry permit, or in some states by a constitutional carry law. Carrying a firearm is taking on a great responsibility. It is also probably the most effective tool for personal self defense. No matter the size of the person a firearm puts us all on equal terms. A carry firearm should be reliable and trustworthy. It should be accessible to the carrier. One must be aware of all of the Federal, State, and local laws that may pertain to the carry of a firearm. And most important we must practice and train so that we are safe and proficient if the need arises.

Self Defense & First Aid

Other items a person may carry could include less lethal forms of self defense, such as pepper spray, or tasers. A compass to find your way. A source of fire, especially in rural locations is a wise thing to have as fire can be key to outdoor survival. A lighter, weatherproof matches, or a magnesium striker can give you light, heat, and protection from wild animals. Fire can also be used to signal for help. Persons may also carry medical kits or first aid kits. These could range anywhere from band-aids and ointments to CPR mask or tourniquet. Again training is essential. If you have a medical condition you should carry extra pills or your EpiPen in case medical attention isn’t immediately available or you can’t make it home. Consider your day to day activities. The environments you may find yourself in, including those that may be unplanned, such as if your vehicle were to break down and leave you stranded. What items can be adapted into your lifestyle to be ready for the unknown. These items may save someone’s life. It may even be your own. Plan ahead, practice your craft, and be prepared.

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At Coyote Creek Outdoors we can help you be prepared for Every Day Carry. Whether it is with a firearm, or with less lethal forms of self defense. Come talk to one of our experts, sign up for a class, or check out our wide variety of items available through our online store.

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