Entrance and Exit Strategies for Hunting Spots

Getting into your favorite hunting spot sounds like a very simple task; however your approach to the honey hole can actually make or break your hunting trip. Small modifications in your approach will make a world of difference. Would you rather come home empty handed or come home with a notched tag?

Selecting Your Hunting Spot

For many hunters, the first cool snap in September is the signal that Hunting Season is right around the corner. Tree stands come out of storage and you start the search for that perfect ambush spot. Deer trails, fresh rubs and browsed down bean tops are signs that deer are in an area. However, finding the perfect tree stand spot is usually the easy part. But how are you going to get to that spot, without blowing out every deer on the way in? The hunt doesn’t start once your butt hits the seat, but rather as soon as you leave your vehicle!

How Wind Plays a Part in Selecting Your Tree Stand Location

One way to fool a deer’s nose is to have wind blowing from the deer to you. This rule applies to when you are in your stand or blind. But it is also important when you are walking in and out of your hunting spot. First, you need to determine your route. Determine what wind directions allow you to walk in with the wind blowing away from the deer, and into low percentage area. (A low percentage area is least likely to hold deer, or have deer move through them.) Approaching your stand with your scent blowing into a bedding area, or over a food plot that the deer are using, is a great way to clear out your property before shooting hours even open. Research prevailing winds for your area. Typically winds are going to trade between a North, West, and Southerly Winds for most regions in the US. An East wind is a low percentage wind, (meaning it isn’t as common) and plan an access route using this information in your favor.

Silent Entry and Exit Path

Once you have an access route and have the wind locations dialed in, then you can set-up your stand or blind. You should spend a decent amount of time clearing a small trail from your vehicle, to the base of the tree stand. Clear anything off the trail that will make any noise if stepped on. Trim any brush that will drag along clothes, get tangled on your bow, or get caught on your boots. Any time you hunt that location you need to keep the path clean. Not only does this maintain a silent entry and exit path, but it also maintains a direct path to the stand.

The Importance of a Headlamp

One of the most beneficial pieces of hunting equipment you can purchase is a headlamp.  Headlamps are reasonably priced and it is something that I would hate to forget at home. Let’s face it, using your phone to find your way through the darkness isn’t the best option. A headlamp allows you light up your path and keep both hands free. It also saves your phone battery. However, not all headlamps are created equal. Nearly every headlamp has a White High and Low Beam Lamp which is great for blood trailing an animal, but white lights do alarm deer. Red, or my favorite, Green Lights are not alarming to animals. I have literally almost stepped on bedded deer with a green lamp with the wind in my face while walking to a stand. Colored lights also help prevent you from losing your night vision. Trying to have a silent entry and exit to and from your stand is nearly impossible when it’s dark out. It only takes one good snap of a finger sized twig to alert deer of your presence. This can definitely mess up a hunt, especially on a mature deer. Taking the extra time to choose a good entrance and exit route, with the wind in your favor, will help keep your scent in a safe direction from the deer. A well-groomed path to your hunting spot will help keep you silent, and from getting lost along the way. Both of those options, along with a red or green headlamp, will make getting in and out a breeze, and ensure more success, and less pressure on your hunting spots. A wide variety of headlamps are available at our retail store and at our online store.

Hunting Supplies for your Hunt

Coyote Creek Outdoors has everything you need for a successful hunting season. Our wide variety of outdoor gear and equipment and indoor ranges will make sure you are prepared this fall. Most equipment is available in our online shop at Our knowledgeable Archery Pro-Staff and amazing Gunsmiths can get your equipment serviced and ready for the season.
Mike Benjamin, Archery Specialist

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