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This year’s elk hunt lottery deadline makes us remember the reward of a successful elk hunting expedition. The challenge of an elk hunt can’t be matched and having the right firearm can make all the difference in an elk takedown, whether you plan a wilderness trip or a ranch hunt. This year, you can get ready for the most satisfying elk hunt season with some quality practice and a choice rifle. At Coyote Creek Gun & Archery, we can meet all your needs and help you prep for elk hunting season with our state-of-the-art indoor gun range and a wide variety of new and used guns for sale in Rochester, MN.


There are a lot of options out there for great elk hunting guns for sale, both lightweight for trekking up mountains and powerful for ranch hunting adventures. Whether you choose to experience elk hunting on a long-haul trip or hunt on-ranch, the right rifle is key. We’ve selected our favorite rifles that are perfect for all kinds of elk hunting adventures.


The Classic


Ruger rifles are some of the best guns made that are both all-American and timeless. The Ruger American All-Weather compact rifle is cost-effective, reliable, and lightweight. It’s perfect for wilderness elk hunts, and with its straightforward engineering and resistance to poor weather conditions, the Ruger American is a great, classic option for elk season. We offer a .308 Winchester bolt action 18” barrel with a detachable rotary magazine, adjustable trigger, and free-floating Ruger Power Bedding clocking in at only 6 lbs. This rifle is great for long-haul expeditions and offers strong accuracy when you come face to face with your prey.


The Power


If you choose to take on an elk hunt through a ranch, we have the perfect rifle for you. The Ruger American 7mm Remington Magnum has all the classic style and feel of a traditional Ruger but packs the punch of a larger caliber. This rifle might be on the heavier side, but it makes up for it with an adjustable pull weight, an integral bedding block system, aluminum scope rail, cold hammer forged barrel, and much more.


The Sharpshooter


If you’re looking for extreme accuracy on your next elk hunt, the Howa Mod-X Gen III Precision rifle is the right choice to make. Set into an American Built Arms Urban Sniper stock, the Howa 1500 barrel is free floated and cased in an 11.5” forearm featuring KeyMod attachments at three points. The H.A.C.T. trigger and AICS-style magazines are the cherry on top of this high quality, precision shooter.

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