Coyote Creek’s Guide to Drop Away Arrow Rests

Drop Away Arrow Rests


Archers want the best performance possible out of their equipment. Do you find yourself wanting to increase the accuracy of your bow, produce better arrow flight and gain some speed? A popular solution for these issues, recommended by the archery experts at Coyote Creek is a drop away arrow rest.


In my opinion, if I were to spend a little more on one accessory, it would be the arrow rest. Reason being, if something is going to be touching the projectile that I am firing, I want it to influence the travel of the arrow as little as possible. Drop away rests are a worthwhile investment to any archery rig. They are available in a few different styles and offer a multitude of functions, depending on your preferred style of shooting.


A major benefit of a drop away arrow rest is the limited contact with the arrow throughout the shot cycle. This is how it works:
  1. Draw your bow.
  2. The draw of the bow causes the drop away arrow rest to rise into position.
  3. Fire your bow.
  4. The drop away arrow rest falls away.
Overall, it’s fairly simplistic! This is going to provide the best arrow flight and reduce any unwanted drag/contact with the shaft. Anything that touches the arrow during flight will alter it. The less interference you have, the better. The initial setup is crucial to maximum performance. The archery staff at Coyote Creek Outdoors can set up your drop away rest correctly from the start to ensure you have the best flight possible.


Most modern drop away style rests are extremely tunable. What I mean by that is they offer both vertical and horizontal adjustments (some even have micro tune adjustments). This is going to allow the shooter to dial in their arrow rest to provide perfectly straight arrow flight. This is extremely important when shooting at long range, as well as for fixed blade broadhead flight.


We carry two types of drop away style arrow rests at Coyote Creek Outdoors; cable-driven and limb-driven. While they both provide the same purpose; the functionality of these rests are different.

Cable Driven Arrow Rests

Cable-Driven Rests

  • Cable-Driven Rests such as the QAD ultra rests or the Schaeffer XV are extremely popular brands. It is installed by attaching the launcher cord to the down cable. As the bow is drawn, the connection pulls the launcher cord causing the rest to rise into position. Upon firing the bow, it causes the rest to fall out of the way.
  • The QAD and Schaeffer rests undoubtedly provide great performance. They give the shooter 100% arrow containment so that the arrow never falls out. In addition, the launcher arm can be put into the up/locked position to provide less arrow movement when it’s not in use. This is great for spot and stalk or just good ol’ tree stand hunting!

Limb-Driven Drop Away Arrow Rests

Limb-Driven Rests

  • Limb-Driven Rests such as the Hamskea Trinity or Vaportrail Limb Driver are another type of drop away rest that we offer at Coyote Creek Outdoors. The main difference is how they work. The activation cable can be attached to either the top or bottom limb, depending on the model. When drawn, the launcher blade rises into position and shooting makes it fall out of the way.
  • The limb driven arrow rests are very efficient and offer a slightly faster fall-away speed compared to cable driven rests. Most offer a full containment system as well, but there is a little more play in the cage because the launcher arm is always at rest. In some models you can change out your launcher arm to give yourself a little different customization and feel. You see these also used by a lot of target archers.


With all drop away rests, proper installation is key. The archery staff at Coyote Creek Outdoors is very familiar with drop away rests, and can get your bow properly tuned to ensure your arrow flight is good. Once the drop away arrow rest is installed onto your bow, you can test it out in our Indoor Archery Range. After that, we will want to make sure your sights are dead-on too. We leave no stone unturned and our service never ends! If you have questions or wants to check out some of these drop away rests, we have demo models set up at the store for you to try. If you want the upmost accuracy from your bow, come try one at Coyote Creek Outdoors 3600 S. Broadway. Rochester, MN and see the difference!

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