Best Brands for Compound Hunting Bows in Rochester, MN, for the 2017 Deer Hunt Archery Season

The beginning of the 2017 Deer Hunt Archery season in Minnesota marks the start of another chance for archers to put to use their marksmanship skills honed off-season and the practical use of new weapons. Deer hunting is the perfect opportunity for the use of compound bows to great effect. For all your archery needs this fall, Coyote Creek Gun & Archery provides gear and complete outfit equipment, arrows, and the best compound hunting bows in Rochester, MN.

Though there’s a large range of compound bows designed to take down deer and large game with efficiency and power, there’ll always be some bows that perform better than others when it comes to hunting deer. At Coyote Creek, our compound bow inventory offers several brands of bows for hunters of all skill levels. We’ve selected several bow brands we consider optimal for this deer hunt archery season:

1. Bowtech: Our inventory of Bowtech compound bows ranges to fit your bow needs. While several types of Bowtech compound bows are reliable and powerful, we recommend the Bowtech BT-X 31” compound bow. The BT-X has the speed, force, stability, and precision to take down large game with ease.
2. Diamond: Diamond offers several quality compound bows for large game hunting, and while all would work well this deer hunt archery season, our top choice is the Diamond Deploy SB. This advanced performance bow may be lightweight, but offers extreme force and accuracy.
3. Hoyt: Since 1931, Hoyt has provided bowhunters with high-quality, high-tech bows for all hunting purposes. Our favorite of Hoyt’s for this deer hunt archery season is the 30 inch Hoyt Defiant, a heavy duty bow perfect for taking down large game.
4. PSE: In 2016, PSE Archery introduced a new line of Carbon Air bows using, for the first time, monocoque constructed carbon in bow construction. All the Carbon Air bows have extreme strength and stability paired with lightweight handling. The PSE Carbon Air HD is our pick for this deer hunt archery season.
5. Xpedition: The Xpedition brand is well-known for quality compound bows and gear. For this deer hunt archery season, we recommend the Xpedition Xception, an unusual weapon introduced in 2016. The Xception effectively uses single cam technology for large game takedown.
6. Elite: The Elite Impulse 31 is our top choice from the many excellent compound bows the Elite brand offers. The Impulse 31 gives all the speed you need with none of the reduced accuracy and force issues found in other bows.

If you’re looking for a new compound bow for this deer hunt archery season, Coyote Creek Gun & Archery has what you need. Contact us at (507) 289-8308 today for more information about high quality compound hunting bows in Rochester, MN.

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