Getting it Right in Cold Weather With the Best Hunting Gear in Rochester, MN

Deer hunting season is just gearing up across Minnesota, and while the excitement of the season’s start is going strong, the beginning of the hunting season can’t compare to the later, colder months of the season. Fall and early winter hunting might be much more comfortable for hunters to spend hours in the field, but many outdoor enthusiasts and experienced hunters consider the dead of winter to be the best time of year for deer hunting. Cold weather hunting can be intimidating, especially with the reputation of Minnesotan winters, but at Coyote Creek Gun & Archery, you can find everything you need to prepare for the full deer hunt season with new and used guns for sale and complete hunting gear in Rochester, MN.

Hunting in cold weather takes a whole lot more planning than hunting expeditions in fair weather, partly because hunting patterns change with how the game moves, but also because your personal safety as a hunter is at stake. Horror stories of hunters going face to face with hypothermia, exposure to cold water, frostbite, and generally freezing in harsh Minnesota winters can force a grim face with even the most experienced hunter. When you take advantage of the complete hunting gear and high-quality supplies you will find at Coyote Creek, you can rest easy and know you are prepared for the best hunting of the year.

With our great selection of perfect deer hunting rifles and well-rounded offering of all-weather and cold weather gear for short and long-term hunting trips, you can trust Coyote Creek to give you everything you need.

Hunting Gear You Need to Hunt Cold Weather Whitetail

1. The right gun (and keep it clean with Coyote Creek gun cleaning kits and accessories)
2. A DNR hunting license provided through Coyote Creek
3. Coyote Creek cold weather apparel
4. Complete gear and accessories offered through Coyote Creek outdoors supply inventory

Follow the game and how they behave in colder weather with great tips from the North American Whitetail publication, and don’t forget to be fully informed about hunting safety in cold weather conditions. Keep extra cold weather tips in mind when you embark on your next hunting expedition in extreme temperatures, and always follow Minnesota DNR regulations.

Along with the great information the DNR provides (this 2017 deer map relates accurate information for the upcoming full season so you can be prepared for the best expedition throughout the full whitetail season) Coyote Creek stocks every piece of gear you’ll need to get the best cold weather hunting experience.

To find out more about our new and used guns for sale and complete hunting gear in Rochester, MN, contact Coyote Creek Gun & Archery at (507) 289-8308 or visit our store on South Broadway.

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