Archery Reviews – BowTech Revolt & Revolt-X

New year, New bow, New technology!

Brand new for 2020 is the BowTech Revolt and Revolt-X, a new twist on the ever-popular realm series of bows. A long-standing company in the archery industry, BowTech has been offering state of the art technology and are always seemingly reinventing the wheel on their bows. That is no different this year with there new Deadlock Technology which we will get into detail later. You’ll hear me say it time and time again, consistency is key. These bows fulfill that and then some. First let’s list the specs on these bows.
  • Revolt: 30 inch ATA – 335 FPS – 26/31 inch draw – 50 to 70 lb limbs (10lb inc.) – 7 3/16” Brace
  • Revolt X: 33 inch ATA – 340 FPS – 26/31 inch draw – 50 to 70 lb limbs (10lb inc.) – 6.5” Brace

What could they have possibly done to make this bow better?

Lets start out with this new Deadlock Technology, newly integrated into their hunting bow lineup for this year. As seen on their target bow models, the deadlock system is integrated into 3 pieces, the cable guard, cams, and limb pockets. What does this do? Basically, it allows you to lock in your bow to dramatically enhance your accuracy and shot to shot consistency.

Cam System

First the cams. The cam system is very cool because it allows you to move the cam laterally side to side. Thus, eliminating the need for yoke systems. This is achieved by the simple turning of an allen head. Yes, it’s really that easy to get this bow tuned and position the energy directly behind the arrow. Instead of having to run to a bow press to twist a cable to get that perfect tune, or broadhead flight. It can all be done right there and then making it easier for your as the shooter to get exactly what you want out of a bow.

Limb Pockets

Once you have that adjusted, lock it down and your set (more explained and shown in video). The limb pockets also house a deadlock system. This allows you to adjust your draw weight, then lock it. This is so there is no component movement, and creates shot after shot consistency. The cable guard system features deadlock technology and is used to reduce unwanted torque and increasing forgiveness each shot.

Clutch-Grip System

Along with this cool new technology; they are still offering the clutch grip system. The clutch-grip system allows you to swap grips until you can find your perfect match. This enables torque reduction and consistency. The riser design very well built and shoots like a dream. With a generous brace height on the revolt, it makes it super forgiving without giving up speed.

BowTech Revolt & Revolt-X – Bow Review

Now for my review on the bow, lets look at some numbers. First off, the look, this bow aesthetically is very appealing, I love the beefy look to the bow. The simplicity and ease of use is what all hunters should look for. The strings and cables are more centralized on the riser and there is less “going on” with the bow, which gives me piece of mind. For the speed and performance tests, I set the bow at 63 lbs and a 29.5-inch draw and will be shooting a 435-grain arrow. For speeds, we got 268-269 fps consistently. The draw cycle is smooth through and through and rolls into a firm backwall. After the shot there is no vibration and is dead quiet. I put a few shots through paper to see what the deadlock technology in the cams is all about. Let me tell ya, that was something to behold. It made it insanely easy to get a bullet hole… I went from a slight nock right tear, to a nock left tear, to a perfect bullet, within one turn of the allen head. That’s impressive. I can’t wait to put a broadhead on and sling a few at 40+ yards to really see what this can do. I will do more tinkering and testing to see what else can be done with this shooting machine! We are very excited about this new offering from BowTech, it’s a great move in the right direction. If you would like to test shoot a few bows, we have a great selection at Coyote Creek Outdoors. Our archery department offers a multitude of colors and draw weight options. Coyote Creek is here to serve your archery needs, if you have questions give us a call today!
By: Robbie, Coyote Creek Outdoors Archery Expert

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