5 Tips for Archery Success

Becoming a successful archer takes patience and practice. The more you practice, the more you will get out of it. Our customers are always asking our archery team how they can improve. Luckily there is a 40 yard indoor range at Coyote Creek Outdoors, to provide archers with year round practice, and a well trained staff to share helpful archery tips. Below are our 5 Tips for Archery Success to improve your shooting in the off-season.

1. Stance/Feet

The archer’s stance is the foundation for everything. When you get ready to take your shot; stop and look down at your feet. In other words, take this moment to double check your current stance.
  • Your feet should be shoulder width apart and planted on the ground.
  • Make sure your feet are lined up, or slightly open to the target.
  • Ensure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet.
  • Keep your legs relaxed, not locked or bent.
Archery Stance

2. Grip

How you grip the bow is a huge part of accuracy. The biggest mistake I see people making is their grip is either inconsistent, or not correctly positioned on the bow itself. Again, something simple, but it can easily be wrong.
  • Hold your hand out and make a V. Place the bow inside the bottom portion of that V.
  • Position your hand so its all the way up into the grip.
  • Rotate your wrist, so that your knuckles are approximately 45 degrees.
  • Apply even pressure on your hand.
  • Hold this position throughout the whole draw cycle and into the shot. Do not alter your hand position. This will ensure, that you are consistent each time you draw and shoot.
  • Once you have shot the bow, you will start to develop muscle memory and be more consistent.
Archery Tips - Proper Grip

3. Consistent Anchor

Once you draw the bow, you need to come back to a consistent spot. Assuming you have a proper peep height and draw length (if not, we can get you squared away at Coyote Creek Outdoors), you need to bring your hand back to a comfortable spot that allows you to access and align your peep every single time.
  • Place tip of your nose on the string
  • Place your hand in a familiar, repeatable spot on your face
  • Get comfortable and align your peep
  • Keep in  mind, different releases are going to require different anchoring spots.
Archery Tips - Consistent Anchor

4. Take Your Time Aiming

All to often, new and old shooters feel the need to shoot their bow the second their pin reaches the middle. This will develop bad habits. Which in turn, results in poor shooting. With more practice you will start to take your time by letting your pin rest on the target more. This continued practice will also develop accuracy and overall steadiness will gradually increase.
  • Get to anchor and let the pin settle on the target.
  • Allow the pin to float, no one holds perfectly steady.
  • Take your time and aim at your target.
  • Slowly start applying pressure to your release.
  • This is going to take practice and time spent behind the bow.

5. Have Fun

Archery is all about having fun. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results on the target. It takes time, and plenty of arrows shot in order to start seeing results. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some additional tips to take the monotony out of archery practice by adding some fun to your regimen.
  • Shoot at different yardages, different angles, and even practice on 3D targets such as the Rinehart Jimmy Big Tine target. The 3D Indoor Archery Range at Coyote Creek is a great resource for anyone looking to to fine tune their skills.
  • Join an archery league, we offer both spot and 3D leagues during the winter at Coyote Creek Outdoors.
  • Make a game of it, shoot with some buddies or your kids.
  • It’s important to challenge yourself and set realistic archery goals. Then take that opportunity to reward yourself with some new gear when you reach those goals.
Archery is great activity for the entire family. The team at Coyote Creek is so passionate about archery that we always allow kids to shoot for free in our Indoor Archery Range. If your child doesn’t have their own bow, we can get them set up with one for free to test out on the range. Our retail store in SE Minnesota is filled with a wide variety of archery gear and bow hunter accessories. Archery gear is also available in the Coyote Creek Online Store. The well trained archery staff is always here to help. If you have questions about archery, stop in at our shop located at 3600 S. Broadway in Rochester, MN or give us a call at 507-289-8308.

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